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David 'Dai' Lawrence

Serving SNCO in the Royal Air Force with a passion for British Military History. This interest and passion started from a young age not really taking off until my posting to RAF Northolt. During my time at the RAF's last active Battle of Britain station I began delivering tours at the No.11Gp Bunker, RAF Uxbridge under the expert guidance and tutelage of Chris Wren MBE, this completed in my spare capacity. It would be this very location where my new found skill set as a Public Speaker was launched. 

Following on from this and a subsequent move across the UK I have compiled a series of bespoke talks, lectures and vignettes based on the RAF's distinguished  moments aswell as other aspects of military history. Since then I have delivered, at requests my knowledge base across the UK to RAF units including RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus and a breadth of  military & civilian organisations. My talks range from 45 minutes to 3 hours, after dinner speeches/vignettes tailored with audiences ranging from 3 and upwards of a 120. 

Recognition received through the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2015 & 2017, added to this direct praise from the higher echelons of the British Military. The newest addition to my ever expanding portfolio being 'The Aries Flights'. 

The passion and drive will continue with my unique delivery style ensuring the audience is engaged throughout. 

The ultimate sacrifice committed by those affected by war will be remembered.

'We will remember them'

Completed Events Sep 2017 - Dec 2018

RAF Odiham Officers Mess Battle of Britain Dining In Night Sep 17.

MOD Boscombe Down Air Support Operations Centre (ASOC) RAF 100 The Battle of Britain 9 May 18.

RAF Odiham WO & Sgt's Mess RAF 100 Dining In Night 18 May 18.

RAF Odiham Historical Air Power Lecture 20 Jun 18. 

HMS Victory RAF Odiham Operations Wing Dining In Night The Royal Navy & Royal Air Force 6 Jul 18.

The Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane RAF100, No.11Gp of RAF Fighter Command & RAF Odiham Talk 31 Jul 18.

RAF Halton Regional Royal Air Forces Association RAF Centenary Dinner 5 Aug 18.

617 'The Dam Busters Sqn delivering the history of the Royal Air Force Centenary Talk 14 Aug 18.

No. 600  (City of London) Squadron RAuxAF Headquarters RAF Northolt The Battle of Britain 19 Aug 18.

RAF Benson WO & Sgt's Mess Battle of Britain Dining In Night 7 Sep 18.

MOD Northwood HQ Officers Mess 

Battle of Britain Dining In Night 13 Sep 18.

RAF Shawbury Officers Mess Battle of Britain Dining In Night 14 Sep 18.

RAF Valley IV/XXV Sqn RAF 100 & Battle of Britain Talk 21 Sep 18.

RAF Valley WO & Sgt's Mess Battle of Britain Dining In Night 21 Sep 18.

Headstone Manor RAF 100 The Battle of Britain 25 Sep 18.

The Rotary Club Basingstoke and Deane 

The Battle of France & The Battle of Britain 25 Sep 18.

RAF Shawbury The Aries Flights 18 Oct 18.

RAF Shawbury Aries Honours & Awards Ceremony Guest Speaker with DCom Cap, AM Wigston 18 Oct 18.

Official Reformation Ceremony for No.11 Gp, with DCom Ops, AM Atha at the Officers Mess, Air Command 1 Nov 18.

RAF Odiham Station RAF 100 Celebration Lectures 7 Nov 18.

Rowland Castle Historical Society RAF Inter War Years 9 Nov 18.

Odiham Village 'Battle's Over' The Great War Centenary Commemoration Service Guest Speaker 11 Nov 18.

Upcoming 2019 Events

906 EAW, Al Minhad Air Base, United Arab Emirates RAF 101 Anniversary C2 Talk 29 Mar 19.

The Alton Townswomen Guild - No,11 Gp of RAF Fighter Command - 16 Jul 19.

Farnborough Library - The Battle of Britain - 20 Jul 19.

Basingstoke Library - The Battle of Britain - 10 Aug 19.

RAF Odiham Warrant Officers & Sgt's Mess Battle of Britain Dining In Night - 6 Sep 19.

RAF Valley Warrant Officers & Sgt's Mess RAFA North Wales Branches Battle of Britain Talk - 12 Sep 19.

RAF Valley Battle of Britain Commemoration Talk to IV, XXV, 202 Sqn and Station Personnel - 13 Sep 19.

RAF Valley Officers Mess Battle of Britain Dining In Night - 13 Sep 19.

RAF Odiham Battle of Britain, No.11 Gp and RAF Fighter Command Lecture - 18 Sep 19.

Bentley Priory Museum - No.11 Gp of RAF Fighter Command - 27 Sep 19.

The British Embassy in the United Arab Emirates -  The Battle of Britain - 30 Sep - 4 Oct 19.

North Hampshire Austin Enthusiasts Group, - No.11 Gp of RAF Fighter Command -14 Oct 19.

The Farnham & District Museum Society -10 Oct 19.

Headstone Manor and Museum Date TBC.

Royal Air Forces Association, Shrewsbury Branch - 4 Nov 19.

Wykeham Probus Club - 6 Nov 19.

The Rotary Club of Camberley - 26 Nov 19.

Alton Town Seniors Lunch - 10 Feb 20.

2017-2018 Nominated Charity - The Eric Lock Memorial - All funds raised ready for the build - Thank you

No dedicated memorial to the highest scoring British born pilot during the RAF's defining moment, The Battle of Britain. Flt Lt Eric Lock became the highest scoring pilot with a total of 26 aircraft destroyed, 8 probable. Mike Bradbury of The Royal Observer Corp with support from An RAF Story are raising funds to create a dedicated memorial to remember Eric in his home town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Please follow the link below for further information on RAF Fighter Command's highest scoring Fighter Ace.

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2019-2020 Nominated Charity - The Bomber County Gateway Trust

An RAF Story dedicated charity that will see all fees go towards something truly aw inspiring, wonderful and one hell of a way to remember the 55,573 Bomber Boys who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

The Bomber County Gateway Trust has been formed with the object of designing, procuring, constructing and installing an iconic landmark art installation on the county border of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. 

Donations can be made through the link to the website below.

Thank you.

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All funds for 2017/18 going towards 'The Eric Lock Memorial' (pdf)